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By: LBIadmin
Date Published: September 20, 2017

POSITION TITLE: Interior Designer
REPORTS TO: General Manager
Supports the sales process in a team environment in collaboration with the Lead Sales Consultant.
Guides clients through an entire project from start to finish. Responds to inbound customer requests
and cross-sells the products as appropriate while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction.
Works with teams to make sure all client needs are being met. Helps mentor and develop less
experienced designers.
· Formulate designs and space plans that are functional, practical, aesthetically pleasing, and
conducive to better productivity and incorporating client needs and requests determined
during the programming phase.
· Inventory and/or field-verify dimensions as needed on a per project basis.
· Specify products and furnishings based on needs, style, and budget.
· Prepare detailed working drawings using AutoCAD software program.
· Prepare proposals for budget purposes and/or revisions with final pricing for client approval.
· Develop visual boards and other presentation materials to help close the project.
· Implement ordering process of chosen furnishings.
· Responsible for accounting processes of down payment invoices, invoicing, etc.
· Responsible for tracking, customer service management with manufacturers, and
coordination of product deliveries with installation department.
· Specify interior finishes including items like flooring, paint finishes, wall covering, wood finishes,
laminates, floor base, and ceiling selections.
· Coordinate interior finishes with building aesthetics and furniture selections.
· Collaborate with client internal team including team lead, senior project manager, controller,
and installation department.
· Facilitate verbal and written communication between team, client, and installation
· Responds to inbound customer requests and cross-sells the products as appropriate while
maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction.
· Analyze client needs and goals through the use of questionnaires and departmental meetings.
Adjust project and design services approaches and programming accordingly.
· Develop a project schedule during the beginning phases of client meetings.
· Manage simple to complex reconfigurations of used and/or potentially new furnishings
depending on client needs.
· Project manage and coordinate of installation for furniture, flooring, fixtures, paint, electrical
and data, and other building finishes with LBI installers and contractors or subcontractors and
through the use of schedules and plans.
· 40+ hours a week are normal to keep projects efficiently turned around and new opportunities
coming in.
· Communicates with LBI Sales Consultant on client projects, as it relates to deadlines, updates,
backlog and hours.
· Communicates with General Manager on backlog and hours/overtime.
· Work in collaboration with General Manager and Sales Consultant to prioritize projects as
· Sales Consultant should be informed of direct client requests to PM’s on new projects.
1. Complexities – Work is complex and varied and has impact and implications on decisions in other
components of the organization.
2. Impact of accuracy – Errors may result in somewhat serious consequences involving customer
relations, preparation of data, financial loss or damage to expensive equipment or property.
3. Interpersonal relationship skills – Advanced: Skills in understanding and/or influencing people are
important to achieving job objectives.
4. Stress factor – Frequently: Required to work several hours or attend or conduct meetings beyond
the normal day. Receive stressful assignments or work at least once a week
5. Scope of impact – Decisions normally affect me and the work of others
Little or no financial or budgetary responsibility.
1. Knowledge – The Interior Designer is guided by the General Manager, Project Manager and Sales
Consultant and is working towards becoming independent and responsible for the projects they
work on­­
a. Knowledge of design techniques and principles of ADA and building codes regarding
commercial design.
b. Proficient in AutoCAD, CAP Studio, Team Design, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Office
including Word and Excel.
c. Pursuit of designations like NCIDQ and LEED are highly encouraged.
2. Education – Associate degree (2-year degree) or certification program of comparable length in
Interior Design
3. Experience – This is a learning and training position at LBI that requires little or no experience. It
may also be for those individuals coming from other dealerships that need to get acclimated to
LBI processes and operating procedures. When a person has spent approximately six to twelve
months at LBI, or is successful in the position sooner because of previous experience, and has
demonstrated project management skills, they will be considered for a promotion to Interior
Designer/Project Manager.
4. Other Skills and Abilities
a. Execution of LBI processes and best practices as accurately and proficiently as possible.

b. Ability to communicate effectively and convey to clients and coworkers information and
plans verbally and through writing.
c. Ability to multi-task various quantities of projects and at various levels.
d. Ability to develop specific individual goals and ability to prioritize, organize, and
accomplish work efficiently.
e. Desire to keep up-to-date with new developments and programs in the design industry.
f. Ability to perform basic mathematical skills related to our industry as needed.
g. Ability to work effectively and respectfully with clients and LBI staff, to maintain good
working relationships.
h. Incorporation of LBI core values.
1. Physical movement
Standing – occasionally
Sitting – most of the day
Walking – occasionally
Bending – occasionally
Crouching – occasionally
Pushing/pulling – occasionally
Lifting/lowering – occasionally
Lifting – 5 – 20 lbs
Repetitive motions with hands, wrists, or arms – most of the day
Computer/keyboard – most of the day
2. Exposures
Cold – occasional – only between meetings and/or site visits where the building isn’t enclosed
Heat – occasional – same as cold
Heights – occasional
Skin irritants – occasional
Lung irritants – occasional
Electrical equipment – occasional
Loud noises – occasional
Sharp tools/instruments – occasional

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