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Starrco Modular Office Systems & Portable Buildings

From a two-wall structure to a two-story multiple office complex, Lerdahl Business Interiors proudly partners with Starrco Modular Office Systems in building solutions for your working environment. From delivery and professional installation to general contracting of your more complicated projects, we have over 20 years of experience installing modular office systems and portable in-plant buildings.

Starrco Modular In-Plant Office FAQ

  • Administrative Offices
  • Shipping and Receiving Offices
  • Lunch Rooms and Break Rooms
  • Clean Rooms
  • Equipment Enclosures
  • Computer and Engineering Labs

Lencore Sound Masking

It makes sense why buildings and offices are built to be quiet with sound-absorbing materials. What's more difficult to understand is why it's a good idea to introduce sound back into these environments. It's impossible to absorb or block all sound around us. Therefore, sound that isn't absorbed and blocked must be covered, or masked.

Not just any sound is proper for masking. It must be masked by an electrically engineered masking system that meets certain performance criteria. Lerdahl Business Interiors partners with Lencore Acoustics to help our customers provide sound masking and speech privacy to their working environments.

For more in-depth information visit Lencore Acoustics Corp.

Lerdahl works in a Lencore sound masked environment every day. You're welcome to stop by our office to hear the system in actual working conditions. Please call us at 608-831-1010 to set up at appointment.

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